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IES Faculty Member Honored by King of Jordan and Patriarch of Jerusalem for Interfaith Work

The V. Rev. Laurent Cleenewerck, rector of St Innocent Orthodox Church in Eureka, CA and a faculty member of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, travelled last week to Amman, Jordan, at the invitation of King Abdullah II to be recognized for his recent contribution to Christian-Muslim and interfaith dialogue.

Representatives of various Christian traditions and military prayed together for Church unity and peace in Ukraine

On January 21, at the Chapel of the Ukrainian Catholic University was held an ecumenical prayer for Christian unity and peace in Ukraine. The Institute of Ecumenical Studies has been traditionally inviting representatives of different Christian denominations to pray together during the World Week of Prayers for Christian Unity.

Ecumenical centers of the Central and Eastern Europe gathered together in Belgrade

Academic assistant of the Institute of the Ecumenical Studies Pavlo Smytsnyuk and Coordinator of the Distance Learning Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies Fr. Roman Fihas took part in the international theological ecumenical conference in Belgrade (Serbia).

University's celebrations in occasion of the Vatican’s accreditation of UCU’s Theology Program

On May 20th at the festivities dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Philosophy Theology Department at UCU, the Grand Chancellor of the University, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, announced Vatican’s accreditation of UCU’s Theology Program.

Communicatio sanctorum and Ecumenical Hagiology

Deacon Didier Rance had an online lecture with the DLMPES’ students explaining the main principles and task of the new ecumenical discipline Ecumenical Hagiology.

Father Thaddee Barnas on Receptive Ecumenism

A priest from the Chevetogne Monastary (Belgium), editor of the journal Irenikon and an active member and participants of numerous ecumenical initiatives and seminars Father Thaddee Barnas had an online lecture to the students of DLMPES on October, 28. During the video-conference father shared some thoughts on the theme of Receptive Ecumenism.

Online lecture on Yves Conger’s ecumenical theology

DLMPES students took part in the online meeting with Fr. Dr. John Berry, Professor of the University of Malta. Father is the lecturer of the Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology; he is also a theological expert to the Archdiocesan Commission for Interreligious Dialogue. Fr. John presented a topic on Yves Congar’s ecumenical theology.

"Is Christ divided?" – at the UCU were praying for Christian unity and peace in the country

On January 21, at the UCU chapel an Ecumenical prayer service was held for peace in Ukraine and the unity of Christians. Under the theme "Is Christ divided?" (Corinthians 1:1-17), it brought together the faithful people of Lviv, representatives of Christian youth organizations and movements. The event took place within the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which annually takes place from 18 to 25 January – during the time when Christians around the world unite in prayer for the gift of unity.

Online discourse of the IES’ President Rev. Iwan Dacko on Theological Catholic-Orthodox Commission

An eyewitness and an active member of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church father Iwan shared online his thoughts and hopes with the DLMPES’ students regarding the activities, challenges and perspectives of the catholic-orthodox dialogue on October 24.

What is Christian Missions today? Online lecture with Dr. Heleen Zorgdrager

Dr. Heleen Zorgdrager had an online lecture with the DLMPES’ students on October, 10. Using as a basis the book of David Bosch on Missions professor analyzed the main paradigms of Christian missions in the history. There were presented the different aspects of the missions stressed by each approach and what main features should characterize Christian Missions today. Heleen Zorgdrager emphasized that modern ecumenical movement was born inside the missionary work.