A Fresh Ecumenical View on Ecumenical Christian Ethics from the Part of the Young Asian Theologian

Kiyoshi Seko, a Japanese theologian and editor of the Asian Christian Review, is going to teach a course Ecumenical Christian Ethics next semester at Distance Learning Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies. He would be a successor of Dr. Konrad Raiser who have been taught this course for several years at the program.

Dr. Kiyoshi with his course would offer students perspectives into ethical aspects of ecumenical movement as well as ethics as an ecumenical issue. He says that Christian ethics, as guiding principles of Christian praxis both for individuals and communities, have always provided visions and a driving force for ecumenical movement, especially for its social witness and engagement with the world. At the same time, in more recent years, it has become clearer that disagreements over ethical issues, notably those in the areas of sexuality and bio-ethics, could give rise to serious tensions and conflicts between and within different Christian communities.

In this course, students with Kiyoshi Seko will first explore the historical development as well as issues in ecumenical ethics, with particular emphases on social, political and environmental ethics. Students will also examine the current state of ethical questions in ecumenical dialogue, differing theological approaches to ethics, and a future prospect on these matters.