Penny Cavill master’s thesis highly evaluated by the Academic commission of DLMPES

A successful online Master’s defense of the DLMPES’ student Penny Cavill was held on January 23, 2017. The head of the Master’s Commission Dr. Roman Zaviyskyi, Dean of the Philosophy and Theology Faculty at UCU, expressed his appreciation of the quality of the Cavill’s thesis and its presentation.

Penny Cavill wrote her paper under the guidance of Dr. Zynoviy Svereda and it was reviewed by Fr. Dr. Oleh Kindiy. The title of the work was PROTECTING THE DIGNITY OF ZAMBIAN PRISONERS: THE ALPHA COURSE AND THE NEW EVANGELIZATION. The thesis was not only the result of the Cavill’s intellectual growth during the studies at DLMPES. Miss Penny for many years has been engaged in the ecumenical work as a street pastor at her hometown Chepstow and at the fruitful cooperation with the Christians of different denominations. Her master’s thesis, in particular, was written from her personal ecumenical and missionary experience, which was evaluated by the members of the commission.

The research of this study points firmly to Alpha’s suitability as a tool for the New Evangelization, and its success is an evangelization program in Zambian prisons. Since Jesus Christ is the foundation of restored human dignity, an emphasis on proclamation and conversion also leads us to a condemnation of all that degrades and destroys the person in the ministry of evangelization for social justice.

It is notable, added Fr. Roman Fihas, DLMPES’ coordinator, that after a long break the master’s defense at the program was held during the special ecumenical period: International Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. During the time when Christians from all over the world united in their prayers ask God for strengthening their desire for reconciliation and unity.

The master’s thesis of Penny Cavill and its presentation were highly graded by the academic board and on behalf of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Dr. Zaviyskyi awarded Penny Cavill with a master’s degree in ecumenical studies.