A Message from the Director

Dear prospective student,

Welcome to the Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies. We offer a unique opportunity to study and conduct research with some of the leading specialists in the field of ecumenical theology.

The Institute of Ecumenical Studies was a pioneer in launching this online program. It is not a coincidence that the word’s first distance learning Master’s in ecumenism was founded in Lviv. Ukraine is at the crossroads between East and West, with a long tradition of interconnection and dialogue between Christians belonging to different denominations, and to people of other religions. Catholics of both Latin and Greek rites, Orthodox, Armenians and Protestants have been living together in Lviv for centuries. The city was also home to a significant Jewish community. Martin Buber and Muhammad Asad grew up walking its streets.

Although directed from Lviv, our program is truly international. Our teaching staff come from Ukraine, many European countries and North America. Not only do they teach ecumenism, but they also practice it within their communities. Our students are a very international crowd, coming from various backgrounds. We are one of the most global programs at the Ukrainian Catholic University, an institution respected for the quality of its education, and its engagement in social justice and human rights.

Our program was carefully crafted to be flexible enough to allow people, who are already engaged in academic or other professional activities, to familiarize themselves with the rich traditions of various branches of Christianity. I am confident that you will appreciate the quality of the courses and materials we offer as well as the flexibility of the program. Do join our community, and let us contribute together to dialogue and understanding amongst the followers of Jesus.


Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk

Director of IES