About the Program

Our goal is to give our students a solid ecumenical formation by offering comprehensive courses in reading and writing under the guidance of well-known figures in the world of ecumenism. The program is designed for an independent student who will be motivated to read and think on his own, to communicate with his teachers several times a semester through argumentative writing, and to take advantage of opportunities for discussion with his peers through on-line facilities.

DLMPES proposes foundational courses in the major Christian traditions, ecumenical theology and ecclesiology, and the history of the ecumenical movement; as well as elective courses on contemporary topics such as ecumenical hagiology, Oriental churches and ecumenism, and Eastern Catholic churches. We also incorporate video conferences into the courses so that students and professors can have closer interactions. In addition, during each of the first three semesters students will visit churches of a different tradition than their own, and report on their experience. Upon completion of 15 courses, students write a thesis on a topic of their choosing.

The Master's program is designed to be completed in two years. However, students wishing to study on a part-time basis may take up to six years to finish their degree.

Those who wish to take only individual classes, for their own education or for credit at another university (contingent upon arrangement of credit transfer with that institution), may do so as well.

The Master's program welcomed its first class of students in September 2008.

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Students about the program

Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan

Taking this degree in Ecumenical Theology is a dream come true. The professors are well published and eminent in their teaching fields, and they teach at leading universities throughout the world. The courses are top-level, well prepared and challenging. Each course is better than the last one. Feedback from the professors is detailed, on target and encouraging. I am having a great time in good company and my dream to be an ecumenist is within reach with this program. Ecumenism is fascinating. It involves everything about churches and theology. It is about Jesus and his prayer for the church -- that they all may be one.

Penny Cavill

I am very much involved in ecumenical work and activities here in South Wales partly through the Catholic charismatic renewal and also through my work as a Street Pastor where I work with Pastors from all the other churches in the town. We are fortunate here to have very good relations and unity between the different churches. I felt that it was particularly important for me to not only be able to worship with other denominations, but also to confidently engage in ecumenical discussion to help further the journey towards a greater visible unity.

This program has enabled me to study my specific area of interest whilst because it is on- line, it has a flexibility that allows me to carry on with my work other activites. I find it such a great opportunity and privilege to be able to study and engage with teachers and students from all over the world from such diverse backgrounds. I thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who is passionate about Christian unity.

Timothy Flanders

I am very pleased with the education and studies of the distance program. It is very convenient and easy to work on studies from home online, and the readings are very good and I learn a lot. I've been very passionate about Ecumenism for about six years now because I feel great sorrow in my heart over brothers who hate brothers, and how alienating that is to the rest of the world who does not know Christ. I want to work for Christian reconciliation because I love Christ and the Church, and we have been given the "ministry of reconciliation."

I do feel very benefited by the program and have learned a lot so far, and I plan to complete the Master's program and write a thesis.