Applications and Deadlines

Deadlines for Spring 2024 Semester:

Spring semester 2024 starts on February 19, 2024

Application deadline: February 5, 2024

To apply, please submit, by e-mailing to, the following:

A completed application form, including:

  • A statement of purpose
  • An essay on one of the topics listed in the application form
  • An official transcript from the most recent institution you attended (foto)
  • A photograph
  • A scanned copy of a government-issued identification document (passport, driver’s license, etc.)

Due to the diversity of graduate entrance exams in different countries, as well as the unique character of our program, we do not request scores from any such exams.

Please contact the program coordinator at with any questions or concerns regarding the application.

Note: Both students seeking admission to the Master's Program and those wishing to take individual classes should submit this application. Students wishing to take classes for credit at another institution should submit the application and also contact the program coordinator with the name of their institution, their course of study, the course(s) they wish to take, and any other relevant information.