A unique and innovative course at DLMPES

During Fall semester students of DLMPES have opportunity to pass a new and interesting course Ecumenical Hagiology. It is fresh and innovative view in the sphere of ecumenical research.

Deacon Didier Rance, who reads the course, says that for many Christians, the 20th century has often been referred to as the ‘century of Ecumenism’ as well as the ‘century of Martyrs’. Taking these two descriptions into consideration, Rance proposes the ‘ecumenical’ role of martyrdom and most importantly, the witness of Christian holiness as found among ‘saints’ from across Christian traditions. Taking much inspiration from the seminal thought of Pope John Paul II on this matter, Deacon Rance invites students to a detailed study of martyrologies and accounts of personal sanctity from across Christian traditions, with special emphasis given to 20th century accounts. Participants within this course will consider the ‘ecumenical potential’ of this very new and promising field of ecumenical research.