Communicatio sanctorum and Ecumenical Hagiology

Deacon Didier Rance had an online lecture with the DLMPES’ students explaining the main principles and task of the new ecumenical discipline Ecumenical Hagiology.

Ecumenical movement is a motion of the Christians towards unity and holiness. Ecumenical Hagiology reminds us that thousands of saints, martyrs and witnesses of the faith are our guides in this pilgrimage. The examples of holiness in different Christian traditions should be perceived as sighs of the work of the Holy Spirit. Appreciation and recognition of such expressions of holiness in different Churches helps Christians to realize their invisible unity.

Deacon Rance presented numerous well-prepared initiatives regarding the ecumenical commemorations of the saints, ecumenical pilgrimages and joint liturgical calendar. He presented several chapels painted in the ecumenical spirit where there are icons or images of the saints belonging to different Christian traditions.

In the end of the lectures students shared the reflections concerning the issue.