Olisaemeka Oranebo successfully defended his Master’s thesis at DLMPES

Implications of the Evangelical text of Luke 10:1-12 for the peacebuilding in Nigeria was the topic of the master’s thesis of Rev. Olisaemeka Oranebo, which he officially defended on February 28.

Roman Nazarenko, the academic advisor, declared the personal interest of the issue for Olisaemeka and admitted his diligence in the thesis writing.

Rev. Oranebo, while presenting the paper, described different challenges that have been facing Nigerians for the last past years. Diverse peoples and cultures, coexistence of different religions (African Traditional Religion, Islam and Christianity), continuous political crisis creates sometimes disturbances and violence in the society. Thus the peaceful initiatives are very desirable. Olisaemeka in his work studied the meaning of peace in African Traditional Religion, in Islam and in Christianity. He also analyzed the biblical text of Luke 10:1-12, as the fundamental Christian proposal, which could be useful in communication between different sides of dialogue. The thesis calls for a new orientation by arguing that greater cooperation among the member bodies of the Christian Association of Nigeria and a nonviolent outlook is paramount for cohesive and credible Christian ecumenical peace-building initiative in Nigeria. It ties both orientations (greater cooperation and nonviolent outlook) together with the literal sense of the nemo dat quod non habet (You cannot give what you don’t have) principle.

DLMPES’ coordinator Rev. Roman Fihas expressed his gratitude to Rev. Oranebo for his many-years endeavor at the program and for practical paper that he completed at the end of the studies. Dr. Roman Zaviysky, the Head of the master’s commission and the Dean of the Philosophical-Theological faculty, greeted Olisaemeka Oranebo with the successful defense of the thesis and with obtaining of the Master’s degree in Ecumenical studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University.