A Message from the Director

Dear Prospective Student,

I am very proud to present to you this new, first-ever distance learning Master's program in Ecumenical Studies. This program is the fruit of several years' reflection and preparation, and I believe that today we are ready to offer you a truly uncommon and worthwhile experience in distance learning.

The inspiration to create a distance learning program in ecumenism comes, in a sense, from the nature of the field itself. Ecumenism and the ecumenical movement are driven by a desire to gather the dispersed people of God. Distance learning gives us indeed the opportunity to gather from around the world those who are deeply concerned by the disunity among Christian churches, creating an on-line community that, in being educated together, engages critical questions and seeks possibilities for healing.

The inspiration comes also from the unique nature of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies. We are located in the city of Lviv, in Western Ukraine – an ancient meeting place of East and West, of Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Orthodox, and, more recently, Protestant traditions. We are part of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), the first institution in Ukraine to offer a religious education at the college level. In addition to providing a Master's program in ecumenism at UCU, we organize ecumenical conferences and retreats all over Europe, with the participation of clergy and laymen from many branches of Christianity. I encourage you to find out more about our activities . In this distance learning program, which is supported by our Honorary Committee, I am eager to share with you the resources that we have both discovered and created so far in our quest to increase dialogue among the churches of God.

I have no doubt that you will enjoy and benefit from the many excellent qualities of our Master's program – our carefully selected reading materials, our accomplished and ecumenically committed teachers, the flexibility of the program, and the ability to participate, though at a distance, in the ecumenical community which we already are and which we are continuing to create.

May God bless you in all your endeavors.


Antoine Arjakovsky

Founder of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies