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The Online Lecture on the Sourses of the Eastern Christian Tradition

On the seventh of March, Deacon Oleh Kindiy had online meeting with the DLMPES’ students within the bounds of the course Survey of the Eastern Christian Tradition. During the lecture professor Oleh had a presentation on the Sources of the Eastern Christian Theology: Worship, Tradition and Knowledge of God. All the students could take part in this internet meeting.

An Interconfessional Prayer For Christian Unity Was Held in Lviv

On January 24, an interconfessional prayer for Christian unity was held in the chapel of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The organizer of the event was the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the UCU.

The on-line lecture: reflecting on examples of holiness in different Christian traditions fosters ecumenical movement

On Tuesday, December 13 students of DLMPES had an opportunity to participate in the on-line lecture of Deacon Didier Rance, where they reflected how an example of saints and witnesses of faith could give hope for promoting ecumenical movement today.

Coordinator of the Distance Learning Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies, Fr. Roman Fihas, participated in a conference devoted to the religious situation in Ukraine, in the Netherlands

On November 26 an old castle of Hernen (the Netherlands) hosted a conference "Church in Ukraine. The practice of faith, art, ecumenism and social responsibility".

A unique and innovative course at DLMPES

During Fall semester students of DLMPES have opportunity to pass a new and interesting course Ecumenical Hagiology. It is fresh and innovative view in the sphere of ecumenical research.

The first online Master’s thesis defense at the DLMPES

The first online Master’s thesis defense was held in the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine. Fr. Laurent Cleenewerck , who successfully completed fifteen courses within the program, has received a Master’s degree of Ecumenical Studies.

The online lecture: Soteriology in Development: Patristic Perspectives on the Work of Christ

was presented by Dr. James Siemens an honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies of the School of History, Archaeology, and Religion at Cardiff University, and a member of the Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture. His research interests principally lie in the theology of the late-antique and early medieval periods, and he is currently investigating the eschatology of late antique historiography.

The Online Lecture at Distance Learning Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies

On April 14, 2011, students and professors of Distance Learning Master’s Program in Ecumenical Studies had an opportunity to listen to the online lecture “Christological Terminology of the Council of Chalcedon (451): ousia, physis, hypostasis, prosopon”, read by prof O.Kindiy, Associate Professor of Theology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology, Ukrainian Catholic University.

A new course is read this semester

A new course is read this semester by the professors Peter Gilbert and Elizabeth Theokritoff.